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Product Description:


Our Dice Tower System is made with 100% Oak and comes with a magnetic dice tower , dice holder, dice tray and Metal inspiration coin with our favorite dice goblin.


Our magnetic dice tower is designed with travel in mind. Rare-earth magnets keep the entire enclosure together making for rapid deployment during your TTRPG sessions. 


The Dice holder is designed to keep a full set of gaming dice. Lined with leather, the same addictive snap of the rare-earth magnets is also here in our dice holder. 


The Dice tray is made of the same solid oak, providing uniformity with all your components. When storing your system, the components fit nicely together in the dice tray. A leather strap is provided to keep your system together as you ROAM.


Each Roaming Player Gear™ Dice Tower System will serve your gaming needs for multiple tabletop games and applications.

Roaming Player Gear® Dice Tower System

  • As a celebration of our launch, we are throwing in a free token of our mascot - Hatchet!


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